Monday, July 13, 2009

My new look

So here it is. My new look. I have searched and searched for a new look and this is what I finally stumbled upon and immediately knew that this was it. I'd like it to have a little more scrappy look, but NASCAR and Jimmy Johnson are my other passions. Until I see something else that speaks to me and is a little more me, Jimmy Johnson is here to stay.

On to other things. We had a busy weekend. My husband is in the process of making a wood splitter and went north on Saturday to work on that with a friend. My daughter and I stayed home and worked a flip flop album that she wanted to make. I am helping an awful lot though. I am still in the process of making an altered CD Flower Album. So, then we had friends come over for pizza and wings. I had the most divine chocolate cheese cake that my girlfriend made. And finally yesterday, we had a birthday party to go to for my niece.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a wonderful day.